Neuigkeit: SMART CITY - DS Aufführung Q2 Jl, Ltz Di+Mi 12.+13. Juni 2018 Aula
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Pupils are constantly doing projects in Biology. Here is a selection of projects offered:

  • Classes 7 and 9 are sex educated in single-sex classes by Dr. Klapp from the ÄGGF ( so that they get the ability to learn about gender related topics and to ask questions in a non-judgemental atmosphere.
  • Attractions and Dangers of Smoking, class 8
  • Developing a healthy diet, class 8
  • Plant Identification (50 plants, useful for culture and nature)  Profilkurs Bio
  • Schoolyard in Spring, class 7
  • Looking at ecological succession in a hay infusion, class 7
  • The Leistungskurs Bio are going to the Urania to take part in Berlin Brain (von Fiction zu Science - Einblicke in unser Leben) on the 12th of October 2007
  • Building models of action potentials  LK Bio
  • Discovering current trends in research in Berlin
  • Students in class 8 take part in a course about the dangers of  different drugs from Mrs Wilkening from the Charité.
  • Due to the successful project in 2007, boys in year 7 AND 9 can discuss matters referring to sex education with a urologist.
  • Leistungskurs Biology in the 12th Grade presented multimedia projects based on their research looking at the human influences on water systems around Berlin
  • Discussion of the dangers of drugs for classes 8, sex education for classes 7 and 9
  • visit of the Leistungskurs Biology to the genetic laboratory at the Emil-Fischer-Oberschule or the Lise-Meitner-OSZ
  • visit of the LK Bio to the Forschungsschiff Kormoran