Neuigkeit: SMART CITY - DS Aufführung Q2 Jl, Ltz Di+Mi 12.+13. Juni 2018 Aula
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It was interesting to live with an English student for a week, especially because of the accent. You could also find differences and similarities with other people that took part in the exchange.

There wasn’t much time to talk on the first day because they arrived late. But on the next morning, my exchange partner Hayden and me went to school and talked for the first time. When we arrived at school, the English students took part in the first two lessons and then went on a trip.

But not only the exchange students went on trips. On Thursday, we all went to Potsdam and visited “Neues Palais”.

In the evening we often read or played games like “Poker” or “Black Jack”. We didn’t talk much because it was hard to start a long discussion.

On Saturday, we met with Tom and his exchange partner Tom. We went to the cinema and after the film we had a lot to talk about. When Hayden and me came home, we started immediately to go to “Chameleon”, an artistic and cabaret theatre.

On the last day we went to the flee market at “17. Juni”. In addition we went to “Sport-Oase”, a sport centre, where we played badminton for an hour.
In the evening, Hayden, Tom, Tom, me and my mother went to the airport and discharged Hayden and the English Tom.

Tonio Weidler

When we arrived at the airport to welcome our English guests, we were all very excited. When they arrived, we took them home, everyone with different impressions.

For the first few days everything was new, for them and for us. So they were a bit shy, but so were we. We did lots of things like going shopping or meeting friends with the English students. The English people got to know each other better and we all talked for ages. We had so much fun. The week went by so fast and all of a sudden, it was Sunday. There wasn’t much time to say good bye because they have already started to check in when we arrived. Hugs here and there and then they were gone.

During that week we all became very good friends and so they didn’t want to go and we didn’t want them to either. I especially got very good friends with Maddie, Polly, my exchange student, and Kirsty. I miss all of them so much and if I could, I’d go to England right now. So if someone would ask me to do that again, I would definitely say YES!. The first few days it was a bit quiet for all of us. But the most important thing is talking. Doesn’t matter if you aren’t that good in English. Because that’s what the exchange is mainly about: practicing the language and finding new friends!

It was one of the best weeks in my life!

Jessica Mueller

The exchange can be put into one sentence: The best time of my life!!!

Everything about Berlin is amazing ! I really didn’t want to leave. I have made some friends I shall never forget EVER ! Specially Smiley (Jess), Lea and Domi !! Love you all, miss you !!

We visited some brilliant places, “Brandenburger Tor” for one. I loved the U-Bahn.

And the shopping … my favourite !

I LOVED the chocolate shop !!! Everything in the shop looked soooo tasty !

Thanks for the great time !

Maddie Malling

On Monday evening, when our exchange students arrived from England, I was very excited. My feelings were mixed up and I hoped we would understand each other during this one week.

The first days were very quiet. I was a bit afraid to say something in English because I didn’t know how she would react if I made a mistake. But my exchange-student was very friendly and from day to day we talked more and more. This week was very funny.

We all had a lot of fun together when we met each other at somebody’s home in the afternoons. We played e.g. German games like “Extreme Activity”. The only problem was that the exchange students didn’t understand a word, so we played the game in English. Following was one fit of laughter after another!

We also went shopping to the Potsdamer Platz, made candles in a shop, went bowling and to the zoo.

On Sunday, the last day for our exchange students in Germany, we met at my friend’s home. We had a lot of fun until we had to go to the airport. Everyone was sad because we knew that we won’t see each other for half a year.

The week went by too fast!

At the airport we had hardly got any time left to say good bye. That was terrible.

Now we’re all looking forward to our stay in England because we can’t wait to see our new made friends again. I’ll never forget this week !!!

Lea Stepczynski

The stay with my exchange partner was really really fun and funny, she was so kind and generous and my favourite part was visiting the “Ampelmann” shop, going on the big snow thing in “Potsdamer Platz”, the zoo, and feeding deer and boar, and losing in bowling. Also the holocaust memorial was interesting. I really loved Berlin!

Kirsty Evans