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Future of Europe
Future of Europe

Year 12 students in the SESB politics course welcomed Mr Wojahn, head of the Representation of the European Commission in Germany, to our class on 24 September.   We discussed current issues central to the European Union and the students were prepared to ask difficult questions about topics including the EU's approach to digitalisation, human rights and the environment.  The basis for discussion was Ursula von der Leyen's  recent speech on the state of the European Union.  

Mr Wojahn included personal experiences in his answers and strongly encouraged all the class to become politically active in the issues which concern them.  He stressed how important it is that young people speak out about the environment and talk to other people who disagree with them about issues like the closing of mines.
Now the course is summarising its response to the discussion and creating a short statement which will be taken forward by Mr Wojahn to the conferences on the Future of Europe which are beginning soon.  In this way Schiller students are doing something towards making sure that young people have a political voice and participating in the development of the European Union.
Ms Sauer and GK PW-EU1