Weitern bis zum 26.2. SalzH wie gehabt für alle Klassenstufen, bis auf Q4 in den Prüfungsfächern und die Klausuren in Q2 und Q4 nach gesondertem Hygieneplan.
Accredited interpreter interprets job chances
Accredited interpreter interprets job chances

It was a pleasure for us at the Schiller Gymnasium on Monday, 26th of March, 2012, to be able to welcome Matthew Perret, an accredited interpreter for the European Union parliament and for the World Bank, who gave a very amusing and insightful glimpse into the trials and tribulations of a conference interpreter, thus showing our pupils some of the benefits of having at least two languages as a medium of communication. He made clear that being an interpreter does not necessarily always entail a day long journey through the rainforest to uncover election scams with a nice meal at the end of it.   

However, the job is a constant challenge and does demand the ability to think on your feet. Matthew did emphasise the importance of the mediation exercises tested in the Abitur, the ability to give presentations and the importance of being able to choose register at will in your mother language – skills we place a lot of emphasis on at Schiller.  

He was open to a lot of questions posed by interested members of the senior classes, who had obviously spent quite a while, pondering possible careers.  We thank him for being prepared to speak so informally to the pupils.


Amanda Baker