Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Schülerwettbewerb zur politischen Bildung 2014

"What Can We Do About AIDS?"

Congratulations goes out to the 8EU2.  They took part in the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung contest this school year, which boasted  3,015 entries from all over Germany and Austria, and won.

Fächerübergreifendes Projekt - 8EU1 and 8EU2 raise 1.964,72 €

In a unit combining Geography, Social Studies (Sozialkunde), and a Germany-wide political education contest (Schülerwettbewerb zur politischen Bildung) both 8EU1 and 8EU2 have tackled the issue of HIV/AIDS and its effects in Sub-Saharan Africa.  The focus of the contest was „What can we do against AIDS?“  In a lengthy HIV/AIDS unit the students distinguished between fact and myth, learned how HIV/AIDS can affect a person’s life and entire countries in Africa, researched the many different help organizations with HIV/AIDS projects, and then thought of ways that we could help.

We decided the best way to help was through a variety of fundraisers.  Through a Fun Run in November 2007, a spare change collection shoebox, and cake sales we collected 1.964,72€!  The money has been donated to Avert, a non-profit organization the class discovered and has several projects helping people with HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa.