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20 Jahre SESB 2012

On 27thSeptember 2012 we will be celebrating the 20thanniversary of the SESB since its inception.  For us it all began 20 years ago with our partner schools, the Charles Dickens and the Quentin Blake English-German primary schools. This month fifty of the SESB pupils from the Schiller, who are taught in both English and German, will join together on 27thSeptember with fifty pupils from each of our fellow SESB schools which teach in German and Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Turkish, Portuguese or Russian. We are proud to be part of this exciting community of European schools.

At the Russisches Haus in Friedrichstraße we will enjoy theatre, song, dance, poetry, games and competitions, created by the pupils, which celebrate our diversity and our unity as the State European School Berlin.  

The Schiller pupils will be contributing snappy dramatic scenes from Shakespeare and their own version of ‘The Big Challenge’ in English.  Christoph, Elena, Alexander and Carolina (Leistungskurs Englisch) will be reporting on the event. Watch this space!  

Ms Churcher (SESB Moderator)