Bis zum Fr, 22.1. kein Präsenzunterricht für alle Klassenstufen, weiterhin Homeschooling. Ab 25.1. werden neue Vorgaben des Senats erwartet,

The Model United Nations AG (MUN) is a chance to discuss global issues and learn about how politics works at an international level.   At the meetings we have debates and prepare for upcoming conferences.  In MUN debates you take on the role of a particular country and argue from that perspective, even if it is very different to your personal opinion.   Debates are organized and chaired by AG members.  

Each year our school takes part in different conferences, including ones in Berlin, Rostock and Prague.   You can simply come to the events in school or sign up for a conference as well.   If you are interested in MUN but not so keen on debating there are also opportunities to work on a press team or help with organization.  Our AG is open to all students from years 8 to 10 and our meetings are held in English. 

To find out more get in touch with Mrs Sauer.