The 10EU - A Class of Tree-Huggers?

To cap off their Geography unit for Sustainable Forestry the 10EU decided to take what they have learned and make two symbolic gestures with it.  First to help fight against deforestation in the Latin American Rain Forests the class made a donation to the organization Oroverde to help with planting and preserving rain forests in Honduras and Guatemala.  See the certificate below.  Then to bring it home, the class went to Waldschule Zehlendorf to do the actual planting themselves.  After discussing the diversity to be found in Berlin’s forests, the work to be done by the employees there, and the work of the Forest Stewardship Council, they marched out into the Düppeler Forst to do the planting themselves.  In just two hours the class had planted over 400 linden and oak trees!  Well done 10EU!